Mrs Mritula Chandrasekaran

Research project: Recognition of Vulnerable Persons from video streams


Vulnerable persons, such as elderly and disable people, pregnant women, children (alone or along with parents), while moving in public spaces such as pavements, zebra crossings, rail stations, airports and hospitals, they may require special attention for the purpose of their safety, security and accessibility. This project aims to develop techniques for recognising vulnerable persons in public spaces from their appearance and movements as seen in video streams, using Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques.


I hold an IT industry experience of around 10+ years working across various technologies for industry giants like Hewlett Packard, Infosys Technologies, Accenture, etc. I have completed my masters in Computer Science and now started my PhD journey.

Areas of research interest

  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Human recognition


  • MS in Computer Science, Dept. of Computer Science, Christ University, Bangalore, India