Mr Naseer Ahmed

Research project: Shakespeare's Treatment of Human Emotions


I am a PhD student in the Department of Humanities. My research is focused on contextualising and historicising Shakespeare's treatment of human emotions in selected works. There is a huge range and complexity of emotions evident in Shakespeare's works, which sometimes overlap each other to the extent that it is almost impossible to demarcate them. Hence, the emotions—or passions, as they were known to the early modern society—that are the main focus of my study are melancholy, jealousy and repentance. Shakespeare's time was very rich intellectually, culturally, religiously and educationally and the chief contributors to all this richness were the Renaissance and the Reformation. Thousands of treatises, conduct books and didactic pamphlets were published on emotions during the lifespan of Shakespeare and the majority of this literature was religious in character. Moreover, works of European writers and classics were also translated prolifically and were abundantly available to the English, though Latin version of such works were still popular and the playwrights of the day, including Shakespeare, benefited from them. My research is mainly focused on how all these cultural, intellectual, educational, political and religious factors are linked to Shakespeare's treatment and portrayal of human emotions in Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and The Winter's Tale.


After completing my Masters in English Literature in 1999 from The University of Punjab, Pakistan, I taught English Language and Literature for 10 years. Then in 2009, I moved to the UK to do my Masters in Applied Linguistics from The University of Reading, UK. Soon after that, I started teaching citizenship courses to students from around the world. During this whole time, I kept my dream of doing PhD in Shakespeare alive and green. And in March 2017, I started my PhD at Kingston University, London.

Now most of my time is spent in researching, but when I am not researching, I spend time in creative writing. I write both in English and Urdu. My English blog covers topics related to psychology, mind and meditation; whereas, I write humour in Urdu.

Areas of research interest

  • Shakespeare
  • Early Modern Drama
  • Reformation
  • Renaissance


  • MA Applied Linguistics, University of Reading, UK
  • MA English Literature, University of Punjab, Pakistan
  • BA in English Literature, University of Peshawar, Pakistan