Mr Nicolas Schneider


Research project: On the temporality of resistance


This research explores the relation between the phenomenon of resistance and its conceptual form. If resistance is oftentimes registered as a discontinuity inflicted upon a continuity, an outside impinging on an inside, or a disruptive event breaking with empty, homogeneous time, the philosophical question that emerges concerns the ways in which the phenomenon of resistance is spatiotemporally determined through specific conceptual forms and the ways it in turn determines those forms. By way of an analysis of these determinations, through which resistance appears as interruption, suspension, deposition or displacement, this research draws out the ambiguous character of resistance as both too little and too much. It is this double excess of the phenomenon of resistance over its conceptual form that is expressed in its precarious relation to the status quo. 


Besides my PhD studies, I have been working as a translator and editor.

Areas of research interest

  • Modern European philosophy
  • Political philosophy
  • Phenomenology
  • Marx and Marxisms
  • Critical Theory


  • MSc in European Studies, London School of Economics, University of London
  • BSc in Social Sciences, University of Cologne

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston University Scholarship


Reiner Schürmann, Tomorrow the Manifold. Essays on Foucault, Anarchy, and the Singularization to Come, eds. Nicolas Schneider & Malte Fabian Rauch, Zurich: diaphanes, 2019.