Mr Nuwan Weerasinghe

Research project: Network optimisation for future mobile networks


Convergence and standardisation of different radio communication technologies in 5G and beyond 5G networks has contributed to a surge in smart device usage.  With its ever-increasing integration to human lifestyle use of Multi-Hop networks usage is widespread.  

Availability of numerous smart devices within very close proximity drives a good interest towards Multi-Hop connectivity.  However, the very characteristics such as infrastructure-less nature and ability to self-configure, which elevate them as a top alternative to conventional infrastructure-based network connectivity, expose them for security compromises.   Thus, Multi-Hop network security opens a wide research interest. 

Threshold-based secret sharing schemes for securing Multi-Hop is the most widely researched in contemporary academia.  These researches are conceived on prominent mathematical principals such as univariate polynomial, binomial polynomial, Chinese Remainder Theorem, etc.

This research is to design and optimise a  secure routing protocol for Multi-Hop hybrid (5G, Wifi, MANET) networks based on threshold cryptography.  This involves devising the application-layer key management protocol, designing the secure routing protocol based on an extension of OLSR.  Finally, implement and evaluate the protocol by simulating in NS-3, and a real-time testbed on smart devices.


Multi-skilled information and communication technology professional with more than 20 years of industry experience. Expertise primarily in software architecture and design of mobile enterprise app development. Experienced in product development, consultancy and support phases of software development and product lifecycle.

In 2007  founded iScientia limited and providing technical vison and leadership in enterprise application, mobile product development, app development, software consultancy and R&D on secure smart devices for ubiquitous communications. In 2016  joined the EXCO of DBI hotels later on that co-founded YUME hotels .

Areas of research interest

  • Multi-Hop network routing
  • 5G and beyond 5G technologies
  • Threshold-based secret sharing schemes
  • Network routing protocol design and validation (IETF, ITU)


  • BSc Engineering in Electrical & Information Engineering, University of Ruhuna, 2000 - 2003


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Weerasinghe, Nuwan, Usman, Muhammad Arslan, Hewage, Chaminda, Pfluegel, Eckhard and Politis, Christos (2023) Threshold cryptography-based secure vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication in 5G-enabled intelligent transportation systems. Future Internet, 15(5), p. 157. ISSN (online) 1999-5903

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Conference or Workshop Item

Ladas, Alexandros, Jayawardana Weerasinghe, Nuwan and Politis, Christos (2017) Performance Evaluation of Proactive Multipath Routing Protocol for Ubiquitous Networks. In: IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications; 08-13 Oct 2017, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Jayawardana Weerasinghe, Nuwan, Ladas, Alexandros, Adigun, Olayinka, Pfluegel, Eckhard and Politis, Christos (2015) Evaluation of secure topology discovery protocol for emergency MANETs. In: 34th Meeting of WWRF; 21-23 Apr 2015, Santa Clara, California, USA.

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