Rebecca Burke

Research project: Gender Pay Inequity


Multiple paper publications:

1. Pay Inequity: Past, present and future (literature review)

2. Be Fair: BE FAIR - A qualitative investigation of pay inequity experiences (methods)

3. Exposing Sexism (findings)

4. Gender Washing (findings)

5. Emotional Affects of Pay Inequity (findings)

6. Theoretical model arising from thematic analysis (interlinking paper)


Rebecca Burke MBA, MRes, FHEA

Academic Role

Senior Lecturer and PhD Student

Kingston University

Professional Business

Managing Director,

Project Deliver Ltd

Rebecca studied Philosophy at bachelor's level in London during the late 1990's, before spending the next two and a half decades delivering projects, programmes and portfolios across a wide range of businesses. Her career has focused on delivering change within new media companies emerging out of the technology boom in the early 2000s, before gaining an MBA with distinction in 2007, and then launching a project consultancy business in 2012.

In 2017 experienced pay inequity at her place of work which left her traumatized. Her very public story as documented through the film ‘Its Raining Women' by Mari Soppela has brought countless other women and their stories, into her orbit. In 2019 she returned to academia to complete a Masters of Research before embarking on her PhD that highlights theoretical and perspective gaps from across the pay inequity literature that her research has been designed to fulfill. Adopting a feminist qualitative methodology she attempts to capture the untold stories of women who have experienced pay inequity, and how it has, and continues to, impact on their lives and careers.

Rebecca lives in Hampshire with her husband, daughter, six chickens and cat and spends most of her time multitasking between running a small business, teaching project management, and reading equal pay research. In her spare time, she attempts to nurture nature by growing vegetables, and protecting the planet. She hopes to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Areas of research interest

  • Gender Equality
  • Equal Pay
  • Feminism
  • Story telling
  • Lived experience
  • Critical Management Theory
  • Post Feminism
  • Neoliberalism
  • Toxic Masculinity


  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters of Research
  • Bachelors of Philosophy