Mrs Rebecca Mobbs

Research project: Investigating emotional realism in speech and text to animation models


This PhD research aims to investigate the integration of emotion detection techniques into speech-to-animation systems, with the goal of enhancing the realism, expressiveness, and emotional engagement of animated characters. The proposed project addresses the need for more immersive and emotionally resonant interactions between users and animated characters by accurately recognizing and portraying emotions from speech and text input. The research objectives include the development of an emotion detection framework specifically tailored for speech-to-animation systems, and the exploration of machine learning algorithms and multi- modal fusion techniques for improved emotion detection. Additionally, user studies and evaluations will be conducted to assess the impact of emotion detection on user engagement, emotional connection, and overall user experience. The outcomes of this project can find applications in various domains, including entertainment, education, and therapy, providing users with compelling and personalized experiences.


I am a first year PhD student working in the field of Artificial Intelligence with the aim of making AI more user friendly and immersive.

My background is very non-linear; my Bachelors degree was in Fashion which led to me working as a clothing buyer and product developer in the cycling industry for many years (cycling is a hobby of mine!). During my career I learnt to enjoy the beauty of an Excel spreadsheet and spent a lot of time conducting data-analyses. Eventually, I decided to do something more productive with my life than sell people things they don't need so decided to pursue a Masters in Psychology. While undertaking the course I discovered that I enjoyed the research and statistics modules more than the theory modules which led to me pursuing a research PhD in AI combining my interest in Psychology.

Areas of research interest

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Deep Fakes
  • Emotions
  • Psychology
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning


  • BA Hons Fashion, Coventry University
  • MSc Psychology, University of East London