Mr Sakun Herath

Research project: Corner Flow Aerodynamics and Flow Control Technology Development in Compressor Cascade


Aerospace and aerodynamic subject field numerously encounter with turbine engines, automotive designs, estimates of forces and moments performing on sailing vessels and wind loads in the designs of large wind turbines and bridges. In this manner, Conventional axial flow compressors will be discussed due to its restricted range by cause of troublesome of controlling the secondary flow also denoted as corner separation. Moreover, if the corner separation spread in to corner stall along with the increasing incoming flow angle or the decreasing mass flow rate, cascade performance will be depreciated by disadvantageous effects of corner separation including reduction of static pressure, passage blockage and total pressure loss (Jinjing & Yangwei, 2014) . To observe more on this phenomena and control secondary flow, compressor cascade profiles are used not only togather information about flow separation but experiment passive control methods since its been preferred technique because of their simplicity and cost effectiveness. New flow control improvement in a compressor cascade and designs will be carried out with the help of previous research studies along with designs and corner flow aerodynamics will be studied in turbulence related occurrences via ANSYS computational fluid dynamics and OpenFOAM software.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Corner Flow Aerodynamics and Flow Control Technology Development in Compressor Cascade
  • Research supervisor: Professor Jian Wang
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Yujing Lin


Graduated from Kingston University London with Masters in Aerospace Engineering. An innovative individual with academic experience in Aerospace industry and Project Management. Effective communicator,passionate about creating sustainable solutions for problems and being an inspired team leader, also enthusiastic about the surging knowledge in the relevant sector.

Areas of research interest

  • Aerodynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (ANSYS)
  • OpenFoam


  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering , Kingston University , London (2019)
  • BSc in Aerospace Engineering , Kingston University , London (2018)