Mrs Sanaz Hariri Shabestari

Research project: Design, Development, and Performance Characterisation of a Model Sustainable Energy Efficient Residential Building


The reduction in CO2 emissions and sustainable form of energy are essential in the building sector as they contribute highly to carbon emissions, hence there is a clear incentive to reduce hydrocarbon energy use in buildings. This can be achieved by providing most of the energy that is used in buildings from the renewable sources along with a novel architectural building design using sustainable materials for energy conservation.


I studied BSc in Electrical Engineering in Iran, and completed my MSc degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Kingston University in 2018. I could achieve to present my master dissertation regarding "An Energy Efficient Building " in Med- Green conference  in Florence , Italy then, my first paper has been published in 2019. 

I am so interested in energy efficient buildings design, and currently studying full time PhD in Sustainable Energy Efficient Buildings. 

Areas of research interest

  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Energy Efficient buildings
  • Zero Carbon Buildings


  • BSs in Electrical Engineering
  • MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering , Kingston University
  • PhD researcher in Renewable Energy Engineering