Mr Sanket Kachole

Research project: Neuromorphic Vision-Based Robotics Grasp and Trajectory Planning Using Machine Learning Techniques


Gripping an object involves simultaneous actions of human body elements including Arm, Fingers, Palm orientation and Eyes. Skin receptors Acknowledges slippage and estimate the required force to hold firmly. Human Eyes helps to identify the obstacles within the paths and estimate obstacle-free path. In this project, Neuromorphic Vision based task specific grasping and trajectory generation methodology will be developed. The developed strategy will be investigated and evaluated using simulation or in-lab methodology. 


I am a Ph.D. student at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Kingston University. I received my undergraduate in mechanical engineering from the Pune University in India and my Masters from Kingston University London. My research interests are in the area of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and in particular Robotics. I have being working on various research problems that involve event-series from neuromorphic vision sensors for robotic grasping, object tracking for environmental protection, learning scene semantic models.

Areas of research interest

  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Neuromorphic Vision
  • Spiking Neural Network


  • BE in Mechanical Engineering, Pune University
  • MSc in Advanced Industrial Engineering, Kingston University

Funding or awards received

  • Faculty Research Student Conference and Training Fund
  • Distinguished Research Achievement and Funding Award
  • Best Paper Award, CVPR-W, Vancouver, Canada
  • Best Oral Presentation Award, ECE Conference, Kingston University, London


S. Kachole, G. Hunter, O. Duran, "A Computer Vision Approach to Monitoring the Activity and Well-Being of Honeybees," in Intelligent Environments, 2020.

S. Kachole, M. Manish, B. Anurag, "3 Dimensional Welding SPM / Path Tracker," in International Journal Of Design And Manufacturing Technology, 2016

X Huang, K Sanket, A Ayyad, FB Naeini, D Makris, Y Zweiri, "A Neuromorphic Dataset for Object Segmentation in Indoor Cluttered Environment," in arXiv, 2023

FB Naeini, S Kachole, R Muthusamy, D Makris, Y Zweiri, "Event augmentation for contact force measurements," in IEEE Access, 2022

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Baghaei Naeini, Fariborz, Kachole, Sanket, Muthusamy, Rajkumar, Makris, Dimitrios and Zweiri, Yahya (2022) Event augmentation for contact force measurements. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 123651-123660. ISSN (online) 2169-3536

Conference or Workshop Item

Kachole, Sanket, Alkendi, Yusra, Baghaei Naeini, Fariborz, Makris, Dimitrios and Zweiri, Yahya (2023) Asynchronous events-based panoptic segmentation using graph mixer neural network. In: 4th International Workshop on Event-Based Vision; 19 Jun 2023, Vancouver, Canada. (In Press)

Kachole, Sanket, Hunter, Gordon and Duran, Olga (2020) A computer vision approach to monitoring the activity and well-being of honeybees. In: IE 2020 : 16th International Conference on Intelligent Environments; 20 - 23 Jul 2020, Online.

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Conference papers

S. Kachole, Y. Alkendi, FB Naeini, D. Makris, Y. Zweiri, Asynchronous Event Based Graph Mixer Neural Network For Panoptic Segmentation,  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) workshop on Event Based Vision, 2023