Mr Shaikh Mubarrat Zaher

Research project: Effect of water film on ice accretion and ice shedding on wind turbine based on the multi-phase model


Wind energy is one of the leading forms of renewable energy sources. Cold climate areas have the lowest population and uninterrupted wind resources which is the most ideal place to harvest wind energy. However, Wind turbine in the cold region suffers from performance degradation due to dynamic icing process. Resulting in structural and financial loss to the sustainable energy operation project. Ice formation on the wind turbine also limits the expansion of large onshore and offshore wind turbine projects.

The study would provide a unique insight into the effect of the water film on dynamic ice accretion and ice shedding. Further, developing a new bespoke ice simulation method through the integration of a novel comprehensive real-time ice simulation system, Finally, the study will deliver a new reliable and cost-effective anti-icing and de-icing strategy/systems/technology. Which, will help the sustainable wind turbines industry to grow to its full potential.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Effect of water film on ice accretion and ice shedding on wind turbine based on the multi-phase model
  • Research supervisor: Dr Yujing Lin
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Siaka Dembele


I am well-prepared to align my skill set with scientific research and regulatory changes of aircraft. I have studied vehicular crashworthiness and the domestic and international law of aviation regulations and standards during my PGCert studies, where I have gained technical knowledge of aircraft structure crash testing along with the airbag deployment system. I have researched the impact of helicopter ditching effect within the regulatory parameters using Altairs HyperWorks software. Further, I have conducted my research on noise reduction of high-speed jet flow and Crackle an annoying jet noise source for my BEng degree and postgraduate study.  Providing me with a good understanding of noise regulations governing aviation industry and the future possible changes of regulation that might play a vital role in the operational fleet in commercial and general aviation. I have also worked with multiphase flow investigating heavy rainfall and droplet impact on nano particle coated water repellent airfoil surface. 

Areas of research interest

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Aircraft Technology and Systems
  • Noise Reduction of High Speed Jet flow
  • Aviation Crashworthiness
  • Machine Learning for CFD
  • Quantum Computing and Parallel Computation


  • BEng in Aerospace Engineering, Queen Mary University of London
  • PGCert in Aerospace Engineering, Queen Mary University of London
  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Kingston University London

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston Award - SILVER