Mr Shaun Cushley

Research project: The Bengal Famine of 1943: Causes, Consequences and Culpability


The aim of my thesis is to explore the Bengal Famine of 1943, with a particular focus on establishing what the main causes behind it were, what the consequences of the famine were, aside from the substantial death toll, and who was ultimately responsible for the famine and to what extent. 

The reason I have undertaken this research is that I believe that more attention should be given to the famine than is currently afforded to it, given its severity, high death toll and the impact it had on rural life in Bengal. By several historians' accounts, at least 3 million people died during the course of the famine, and many more had their lives upturned. Therefore, I believe it is important that the famine becomes more widely known and discussed, not just in academic circles but in general.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: The Bengal Famine of 1943: Causes, Consequences and Culpability
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Steven Woodbridge


I began my University career in 2015, undertaking a BA Hons in the Department of History, completing it in 2018. I then went on to pursue an MA in History in 2019, also at Kingston. I am currently a member of the Royal Historical Society.

Areas of research interest

  • British Imperial History
  • Indian History post 1857
  • Famine History
  • British Political History
  • British Military History
  • Social History


  • BA Hons, History, Kingston University London
  • MA, History, Kingston University London