Mr Toby Staton-Bevan

Research project: Cyber Risk Analysis and Threat Assessments from Open Data Sets


The primary aim of this research project is to collate diverse open data sets from global sources, and through the advent of data analytics (supported by machine learning techniques), to research, design, implement and test a threat intelligence framework that can be specifically applied to Open Data' so that publishers of can make an informed decisions on the risks associated with the data that they publish.


I started my career as a Civil Servant working on digital systems that handled official-sensitive and personal data, before changing departments and focusing on open data projects. The former inspired me to undertake my Bachelors of Science at Kingston University in Cyber Security & Computer Forensics with Business. 

Whilst working on open data projects I began to consider the risks involved in publishing data freely without licence or usage analytics, and I am now undertaking my PhD project to investigate exactly this subject

Areas of research interest

  • Open Data
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Internet Security
  • Risk Assessment
  • Network Security
  • System Architecture
  • Statistical Mathematics
  • Public Infrastructure & Services
  • International Politics


  • BSc in Cyber Security & Computer Forensics with Business, Kingston University

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston University Cyber Security Studentship, 2020