Mr Vladislav Li

Research project: Scene analysis and modelling for 3D objects


Improvements in computer vision, and deep learning advancements, along with the introduction of smart devices and powerful computers, have stimulated research interest in the field of real-time scene analysis. Scene analysis is the process of describing the contents of a given environment by leveraging extracted information from that environment. Although various applications in the areas of surveillance, security and autonomous vehicles use scene analysis as a key component, further performance increase is still required to allow their generalized deployment. As a novel AI solution for integrated smart devices has the potential to offer such progress, this project aims to research scene analysis methods that could be integrated into small wearable devices. Specifically, the project will address a set of contemporary problems related to object detection, recognition, and human behaviour analysis with the goal to be integrated into low-power devices. 



Areas of research interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning Techniques
  • Deep learning


  • BSc in Computer Science (Games Programming), Kingston University
  • MSc in Game Development (Programming), Kingston University


  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 - Growth-based 3D modelling using stem-voxels encoded in digital-DNA structures. (Authors: Prof. V. Argyriou, T. Raymond, V. Li).