Miss Yuning Wu

Research project: A graphic novel: Storying the predicament of Chinese women (27-35) in marriage and love


In recent years, the social value of marriage and love has developed in China, which has caused conflicts between young and old generations. This research will focus on the social pressures faced by Chinese "leftover women" (single women older than 27 years old) and the possible solutions for them by comparing the European and Chinese history in terms of marriage and love.

Graphic novels are increasingly popular among adults in China (Yu Yang.,2018). In addition, graphic novels have advantage of being coherent and easy for audience to understand, so graphic novel are suitable for telling the social issue for adults (Baetens, Frey and Tabachnick, n.d.,2018), thus it can be an effective way to approach and encourage the "leftover women".

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: A graphic novel: Storying the predicament of Chinese women (27-35) in marriage and love
  • Research supervisor: Mr Geoffrey Grandfield
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Azadeh Fatehrad


My name is Yuning Wu, I graduated from Southwest Forestry University in China with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Design and a postgraduate degree in Illustration from Kingston University in the UK.

During my postgraduate studies, I learnt that illustration is very inclusive and diverse. I was able to express myself in illustration using a variety of drawing materials and methods such as collage, photography and so on. This made me even more obsessed with the study of illustration, which is a very relaxed and free profession, and I wish to explore more and draw public attention to social issues through my projects.

Areas of research interest

  • Chinese leftover women facing social pressure/discrimination
  • Visual narrative and Visual storytelling
  • Contrasting historical differences in marriage between China and the West
  • Feminism
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


  • BA in Environmental Design, Southwest Forestry University, China
  • MA in Illustration Design, Kingston University, London