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CERI's partners

CERI works with a wide range of partners across the sub-region and is actively involved in promoting civic engagement, fostering strategic thinking, promoting the sub-region and acting on its behalf in relation to key development issues.

What organisations does CERI work with?

CERI is a member of the South London Partnership (SLP). The SLP is working to:

  • raise the profile of the sub-region
  • communicate directly with central government
  • deliver the Mayor's Plan for London alongside the Greater London Authority.

CERI also has a particularly strong working relationship with South London Business. South London Business is a business development company which has been set up to support and promote business, enhance regeneration, reduce unemployment and up-skill the work force.

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We have been particularly active in working together to promote better intelligence within south London on workforce development issues, commercial land and office space, and understanding the sub regional economic structure.

Recently CERI has also established a strong working relationship with the Thames Landscape Strategy; a sub-regional partnership for the River Thames between Hampton and Kew in west London.

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We are working together to promote the interests of the users, managers and owners along this stretch of the Thames, by developing mutually beneficial projects involving students and staff to enable a sustainable future for all.

In addition CERI has a very close working relationship with Kingston First who manage the Business Improvement District (BID) of Kingston Town Centre and with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. This includes running combined projects, teaching support and operational research.

What other business links does CERI have?

Thanks to its partnership agreements, CERI has links to more than 100 different organisations within the London policy community. These include:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • The South and West London Transport Conference
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • GLA
  • Ramidus.

Within the University

CERI works closely with many other elements within the University, including the Sustainability Hub, the Small Business Research Centre and Enterprise.

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