Dr Andrew Snabaitis


I studied pharmacology at King's College London (University of London) where I completed a BSc (Hons) in pharmacology with toxicology. This course had a 12 month extramural component which I spent at Beecham's Pharmaceuticals (Harlow, Essex) and developed an interest in cardiovascular research. Upon recommendation, I then joined the United and Medical Dental Schools (UMDS) in London as a research assistant with the view of embarking on several years of research and study towards a PhD in cardiovascular sciences. I was lucky enough to receive studentship funded by the British Heart Foundation and successfully completed my PhD in 1998. Since obtaining my PhD I spent 11 years as a post-doctoral research associate/fellow in the Division of Cardiovascular Research at King's College London. I was funded by several research grants obtained from the Dunhill Medical Trust and the Medical Research Council. My post-doctoral research career culminated in obtaining independent funding in the form of an Intermediate Research Fellowship from the British Heart Foundation, after which I joined Kingston University as a lecturer in pharmacology and physiology. Since arriving at Kingston University I have continued my research into heart disease which has been funded by the British Heart Foundation. My laboratory studies the role of type 2A serine/threonine protein phosphatase enzymes and their associated regulatory proteins at the cellular/molecular level in acute (ischaemia/reperfusion) and chronic (pressure overload) models of heart failure

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor in Molecular Cardiology


  • PhD in Pharmacology from King's College London
  • BSc Pharmacology with toxicology (2:1) from King's College London


Cardiac cellular and molecular biology has been my main research interest for many years, with a focus on the regulation of intracellular pH in adult ventricular cardiac cells. More recently, I have developed an interest in the role(s) of the serine/threonine type 2A protein phosphatases and their associated regulatory proteins in laboratory models of acute (ischaemia/reperfusion injury) and chronic (pressure overload-induced hypertrophy) heart failure. 


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Conference or Workshop Item

Eleftheriadou, Olga, Boguslavskyi, Andrii, Ryan, Ali, Shattock, Michael J, Wadzinski, Brian E and Snabaitis, Andrew K (2015) Expression of type 2A protein phosphatases in cardiac health and disease. In: 33rd Meeting of the International Society for Heart Research-European Section; 01 - 04 Jul 2015, Bordeaux, France.

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