Dr Hilda Mulrooney


I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist, and course director for the BSc Nutrition (Exercise & Health) degree. I studied in my native Ireland and at Southampton University. I have previously worked as a dietitian in the NHS in hospitals, the community and most recently as a public health dietitian. I am interested in public health, the role of diet in health and disease, and the role of healthcare practitioners in supporting change in others. I am an active member of my professional organisation the British Dietetic Association, and a committee member of their specialist Obesity Group, having held a number of committee positions within the group over the last ten years. I am also an active committee member of the European Specialist Dietitians Network (Obesity).

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor in Nutrition


  • PhD
  • BSc (Hons) Nutrition
  • Dip Diet
  • PGCE

Teaching and learning


I have developed a number of research interests over the years both within nutrition and teaching/education. I am interested in the different approaches to weight management taken across Europe, the health implications of different types of diets and in different aspects of weight management including which prediction equations should be used for measuring obesity. I am also interested in food choices, why people eat what they do and the food environment impact on food choices.

Within pedagogy, my interests are evolving but include motivation to learn, perceptions of quality of higher education and transition to higher education.