Dr John Canning


I joined Learning and Teaching Enhancement Centre (LTEC) in October 2023. My main role is working with the AdvanceHE-accredited Kingston Academic Practice Standards (KAPS) framework where I lead the programme for experienced practitioners. I also contribute to teaching on our AdvanceHE-accredited Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILT) and Supporting and Assisting Learning and Teaching (SALT) programmes for early career academics.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching


  • PhD Geography, University of Bristol, 2002
  • MSc Society and Space, University of Bristol, 1998
  • BA (Hons) Geography, University of Aberystwyth, 1997
  • Senior Fellow AdvanceHE, 2014
  • Fellow, Staff and Educational Development Association, 2010

Teaching and learning

I am an experienced academic developer and educational researcher having started my career at the UK Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, based at the University of Southampton (2003-2013). In 2013 I went into institution-based academic development at the University of Brighton where I worked on a range of academic and curriculum development activities and led an HEA/ AdvanceHE accredited PGCert in Academic Practice. 

My work at the Kingston involves supporting individuals and teams across the university, principally in supporting those applying for Fellowships via our AdvanceHE- accredited KAPS schemes. I am also experienced in supporting course and module leaders and advising colleagues on course and module design. Over the years I have also supported colleagues in embedding employability and sustainability in the curriculum.   

I am also an experienced doctoral examiner and recently lead-supervised Jennie Jones' thesis 'Part-time PhD students' learning journeys in UK universities in changing times: Influences of academic, professional and personal relationships and life events (2023)', University of Brighton.


My early research stemming from my PhD thesis concerned issues of nationalism and national identity in Quebec. I then switched to undertaking research into teaching and learning in higher education where my interests have focused on professional identities, quality regimes and student voice. My latest work (with Emma-Louise Jay 2024) calls on researchers to take an heightened interest in social acceleration as a key concern for the study of education. 

Areas of specialism

  • Student voice in higher education
  • Quality regimes
  • Social acceleration


Number of items: 25.


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Book Section

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Leadership and management

With Laura Minogue (St Marys' University), I am co-chair of the South East Academic Development Network, an informal group of academic developers working in London and South East England.

Social media