Mrs Caroline Bateman


I have been helping dyslexic students achieve academically for over 15 years.  

Having personal experience of learning differences (my three children are dyslexic, and perhaps unsurprisingly, so am I), I have witnessed the profound negative impact of children being incorrectly labelled lazy, disruptive of even ‘stupid'.

I have also been amazed by how the effective use of strategies and technologies can have a dramatic positive impact on academic achievement and life opportunities.  Benefiting the individuals and society as a whole.

In 2015 I left my career in the IT industry to start Achieve Now, a Learning Consultancy dedicated to raising attainment for all students particularly those with SpLD.  I have designed and delivered numerous unique training initiatives for students, parents and educators that have a proven track record of raising attainment.  

My mission is to empower all learners to achieve their true potential.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer Specialist Dyslexia Tutor


  • BSc Business Administration