Professor Katherine Curtis


I am the Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education. As an accomplished educator, researcher and a member of Kingston University's Senior Leadership Team, I am responsible for the financial and operational management of the Faculty in line with University's Town House Strategy priorities, leading the faculty's senior team.  

I joined Kingston University in 2018 as the Associate Dean External Engagement and Professor of Professional Development.  Prior to this role, I held senior academic, leadership and faculty executive positions in two other universities, including leadership of a large School of Nursing and Health Sciences providing a diverse range of programmes including post-graduate medical education. Before my academic career, I worked in senior roles within healthcare services, such as NHS Intensive Care provision.

Since joining Kingston University, I have attracted substantial external grants to undertake research and innovation in areas of healthcare and education and been actively involved in implementation of Town House Strategy for Kingston University. I have a broad sphere of external influence including Chair of strategic pan-London groups with key business partners and representing Kingston University at the Council of Deans of Health.

I have an extensive portfolio of pedagogic and clinical research activity with many peer-reviewed publications in the fields of professional development, co-design for leadership of ethical and compassionate practice, digital innovations within care settings, and professional socialisation. My research has had significant impact on professional practice and policy in healthcare; such as personal recognition as an expert advisor in Lord Willis (2015) Raising the Bar, Shape of Caring Report. I am currently supervising several PhD and Ed.D students and have had 6 students successfully complete their doctoral studies in the last 5 years.  I provide internal and external Chair and Examiner activity for Doctoral Vivas.  

Academic responsibilities

Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor


  • PhD (University of Surrey)
  • MSc Behavioural Biology and Healthcare
  • PG Diploma in Education
  • BSc Psychology and Social Biology
  • Registered General Nurse
  • Intensive Care Nurse
  • Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow
  • National Certificate in Workplace Mediation

Teaching and learning

I teach on the Doctor of Education (Ed.D), Modules:

  • Education Professionals as Knowledgeable Doers
  • Knowledge and Practice in Educational Settings

I also supervise Ed.D and PhD students.

Postgraduate courses taught


My research grants and publications are within the areas of healthcare professional education and practice development.  My PhD identified the antecedents to socialisation in compassionate practice among student nurses in 2008, at a time when 'compassion' was just emerging as a key descriptor for health professional behaviour within the NHS Constitution and PSRB codes of conduct.  My most recent grants, journal publications and conference presentations focus on the care of older people, such as cultivating compassion within multi-professional groups and across multiple organisations, and co-design for enabling engagement with digital health technology in challenging care environments. 

I have attracted substantial external research funding over the last 5 years as well as Health Education England workforce development funding for scoping new roles, curricula, and practice education strategy.  I currently supervise PhD and Ed.D students and have supported 6 doctoral students to successful completions in the last 5 years.  I have a network of national and international research collaborators such as within the British Society of Gerontology Care Homes Research SIG and I am on the Scientific Committees for two prestigious conferences NETNEP and NET/AdvanceHE.

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 43.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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Business, knowledge transfer and international

I Chair and contribute to several external Boards and Committees related to Higher Education in healthcare disciplines and represent Kingston University at the Council of Deans of Health.  I set up the London Placements Strategic Oversight Group (PSOG) with Health Education England, London Region, to manage the safety and quality within student practice education during the pandemic and have subsequently transferred this group into a sustainable sub-group within the Pan-London Education Alliance so the work can progress in support of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. 

I am regularly invited to speak on topics of professional development.  For example, a public talk organised as an Upgrade Masterclass by KU Alumni on 12th May 2021 (see: ), titled: Compassion and Self-Care in the Caring Professions. I was a panellist and the Chair of the event, with fellow panellists being: Dr Hazel McLaughlin who is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Past President of The British Psychological Society (President, 2020-21). Hazel is also the Founder and Managing Director of MorphSmart Limited, working with businesses, teams and with individual leaders to enable change and transformation. John Godden MBE who is the CEO of Salutem, a leading UK residential healthcare provider specialising in education and support for disabled people and those living with learning disabilities and complex needs. Valentine Nweze (MSW Social Work, 2011) who is the Interim Head of Service, Adult Mental Health Social Care working with an integrated Adult Mental Health service for the London Borough of Croydon and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. 

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

I have been invited to speak about professional issues with local business on a number of occasions.  For example, a public facing event titled: The Future of Aging and Care Services.  It demonstrated how business and KU work together to develop research and innovation, and was hosted by KU Business Engagement on 1st June 2020.

Watch 'Kingston University - "The Future of Ageing and Care Services event "' | Microsoft Stream (

I am frequently invited to judge and present professional practice related awards, such as judging 'University Educator of the Year' for the Student Nursing Times Awards.