Study computing, cyber security and gaming


If you're considering a career in computer science, we specialise in a wide variety of areas, including artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, games programming and user experience design. To compliment your studies, we invite leading practitioners from industry, such as Google and IBM to give guest lectures and workshops. With a portfolio of products and artefacts to showcase your work, you'll be ready to begin a professional career.

Cyber security

Our cyber security course is aligned with industry recognised certifications (i.e. CompTIA, EC-Council, Splunk and more), to give your career, at the cutting-edge of the fight against cybercrime, a head start. You'll have access to software and tools widely used in the cyber security industry, such as Splunk, Nessus, Kali Linux, Autopsy.


On our computer games programming course, you'll learn directly from the industry with guest speakers such as Sony, Splash Damage, Aardvark Swift, Interactive Selection, CryTek and Unity. We're an educational partner of Sony through PlayStation First, giving you the opportunity to develop games for the PlayStation 5. Our games lab includes Sony PlayStation 5 development consoles; PCs with GTX1080 graphics cards and supports software including Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Unity 3D Pro 2018, Unreal 4.20 and Maya.