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On our primary education course, you'll spend at least 120 days in school, developing your teaching skills with support from expert colleagues and you will gain Qualified Teacher Status. We have over 200 partnership schools to ensure you have excellent support and a diverse experience.

In addition to your placements in schools, you'll have a "Beyond the Classroom" experience in an alternative learning environment such as museum education, arts education, theatre education, sports or recreational activities.

Our courses

Early Years

Our work-based early years courses reflect the evolving need of the early years sector, ensuing you'll be kept up to date with the latest developments and initiatives.

These part-time courses allow you to work and study at the same time, and are recognised by the Department for Education.

You'll develop your critical thinking and understanding whilst exploring theory and practical subjects through a range of learning experiences.

Our courses

Early Years

Special educational needs

Our work-based special educational needs and inclusive practice courses are perfect for those who work with children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities, or those with additional needs up to the age of 25 years.

You will gain a deeper understanding of SEND to enhance children's learning and development in your workplace and the wider community.

These courses focus on areas such as removing barriers to participation, enabling inclusion within settings and in the community, effective transition between places, people and phases of education, and research and theories of learning.

Our courses

Special educational needs

Education and teaching at Kingston

Kingston has over 100 years of experience in delivering teaching and education courses, with a particular emphasis on inclusive practice in the classroom.

We have a range of specialist facilities, including teaching rooms that replicate school classrooms, art rooms or science labs, with facilities for practising lessons before taking them into school.

The library's resources include children's topic books, CDs of music and nursery rhymes, and teaching aids for history, religions, science, maths and music.

An outdoor learning environment features a ‘cubby house', pond, beehive and nature trail, where trainee teachers lead natural sciences activities with children.

Early Years students have the opportunity to simulate teaching and learning with natural materials.

Education and teaching at Kingston

Future Skills

Embedded within every course curriculum and throughout the whole Kingston experience, Future Skills will play a role in shaping you to become a future-proof graduate, providing you with the skills most valued by employers such as problem-solving, digital competency, and adaptability.

As you progress through your degree, you'll learn to navigate, explore and apply these graduate skills, learning to demonstrate and articulate to employers how future skills give you the edge.

At Kingston University, we're not just keeping up with change, we're creating it.

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