Inclusive Curriculum Consultants

Inclusive Curriculum Consultants are Kingston students who advise on how to make courses more accessible to our diverse student body. They review study materials such as course handbooks, module guides, assessment instructions and online materials, and discuss their findings with course leaders.

Engaging with our student consultants is an opportunity for staff to better understand and consider how students on their courses will engage with the course content and adapt it using the Inclusive Curriculum Framework.

Aims of the programme

The Programme was developed in 2016 as part of an initiative to reduce the Degree Awarding Gap (link to new page). In making our courses more inclusive and accessible to everyone, whatever their background, we help address the disparity in student achievements.

Currently the programme has much broader focus in helping support the University achieve its Access and Participation Plan Targets and directing institutional change.

The Inclusive Curriculum Consultants Programme is designed to:

  • Support staff to embed inclusion into the curriculum and to reflect on whether their current practice is inclusive - as measured by the Kingston Inclusive Curriculum Framework
  • Promote student engagement and include students' diverse voices and multiple perspectives in the development of curricula
  • Allow students to gain valuable work experience and develop their core skills and competencies in line with our Graduate Attributes for the Kingston Award
By sharing their diverse voices and perspectives, our students are shaping the very heart of Kingston.


What's it like to be an Inclusive Curriculum Consultant?

Inclusive Curriculum Consultants gain valuable professional insight and work experience. The role is a paid, flexible part-time position which allows them to shape their work around their studies.

As part of the programme, they will have the opportunity to gain recognition for their work through the Kingston Award and to work towards the Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

We provide them with extensive training and support to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need for the role - and beyond.