Deloitte Digital

At the beginning of the last decade, Deloitte identified that their clients needed to get ahead of the disruption that was being caused by companies who had design and customer-experience at their heart: brands like Amazon and Apple. It was no longer enough to get the numbers right and follow tried and tested processes.

To help their clients innovate successfully, Deloitte Digital brought creatives into the core of their business, growing a group of new talent to work alongside their team of business analysts and technology specialists. This was a wholesale strategy, which nurtured an environment in which creatives were valued alongside their more traditional Deloitte colleagues.

They found that creative input de-risked their clients' investments in online or mobile strategies, producing interfaces that not only worked well and delivered on financial objectives, but also were loved by the end user. The benefits of this approach were immediate and clear, multiplying sales and profit.

The creative team at Deloitte Digital has grown 20% per annum, now numbering around 250 people. Within that time, the company has grown nearly tenfold. Not only have the creatives added value to the business, they have also found that the professional development structure of Deloitte Digital has brought greater focus on formal career pathways than in a traditional design studio or advertising agency and helped them to achieve greater progression