Limitless is re-inventing customer service by connecting customers with real know-how to deliver fantastic customer experiences for the world's leading brands. These brands include Dell, Microsoft, and Unilever.

Limitless believes experts – those people who have real-life experience of the product and who care the most about your brand – should be the face of its customer support. This is a radical change in the customer service space.

Limitless wants to ensure those it hires have developed the skills needed for this changing environment. Limitless is growing rapidly and hopes to double the number of its employees in a year, from 50 to 100.

Limitless calls those working on this new customer service platform GigCX Experts. In a recently published report, Limitless found 82% of GigCX Experts Limitless surveyed felt the nature of customer service queries has changed over the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings show people want added services, faster answers, and more personalised contact. Limitless knows this new style of thinking requires more than just a university degree – a broad range of skills such a critical thinking and communication.

Limitless is all about new thinking. However, many graduates it hires currently think in a linear way, especially in the customer service space. This is a significant challenge the business faces: finding employees with the aptitude and training to think in creative and critical ways. Limitless wants graduates who can move away from just a business focus to a broader customer focus. These skills come from people who are creative, adaptable, and can problem-solve. This applies to both the graduates hired within Limitless, and the GigCX Experts supporting on customer service.

Limitless is looking to discover these people with 'new thinking' by finding graduates with a broader world experience. It seeks to overcome the challenge by hiring people who have nurtured a passion for a more comprehensive range of things in education, rather than focussing on just getting employed. Limitless seeks graduates who have had their minds developed at university in many different ways and have built many skills rather than focussing on the specifics of their degree course. Being creative and motivated, alongside being a strong communicator with problem-solving skills, can help drive Limitless' new way of thinking within the company and outside of it.

Hiring and partnering with people who have a broad range of skills is enabling Limitless to grow rapidly. It is hiring people not based on specific degrees but on how they work and what they bring to support the company ethos.

Experts at Limitless have skills and areas of expertise that AI can't mimic today. They provide a human connection, a feeling of community, troubleshooting, and specific knowledge that is tough to capture in information repositories, AI's source for information.