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Preferences guide

In June we will send you accommodation information by email. This is your notification to access our halls application website and enter your room type preferences. It is important to research which room types are most suitable for you and enter these preferences correctly to avoid disappointment.


  • If you do not enter any preferences you will NOT have applied and you will not be allocated a room. We will assume you don't want halls accommodation and will not contact you again.
  • Even if Kingston is your insurance choice you should enter preferences to apply. The last date for applications is 8 August 2014. No new applications will be considered after that date.
  • You must enter three different preferences (unless you are a nursing student in which case you make two preferences). Unfortunately we are unable to offer a room to every first-year student who applies for halls and meets our eligibility criteria.
  • Please ensure that you read and follow the instructions before you make your preferences. If you save your preferences correctly, you will receive an email confirming that they have been approved (this does not mean you have been allocated a room, only that your preferences have been submitted correctly).
  • Ensure you understand the preferences you are choosing in terms of price and location. Kingston University operates across four campuses and seven hall sites so has many different price bands.
  • You can login and make changes or cancel your selected preferences up until the point at which you are allocated a room. No changes can be made after this.
  • Applying for halls of residence does not guarantee that you will be allocated a room. There will be eligible students who apply to us that we will be unable to house.

Communication tip

It is vital that the Kingston University Admissions team has your current address and email address, especially if you are travelling abroad during the summer. When we make an accommodation offer, there is a limited time to reply and pay the deposit to secure your room.

Please email or phone +44 (0)20 3308 9932 if you need to update your details.

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