Adapted and accessible accommodation for students with additional needs

Here at Kingston, you will find accessible and adapted bedrooms for students with disabilities, across five of our halls of residence. Wherever possible, we will further adapt accommodation to meet individual needs. Please let us know of any special accommodation requirements you may have, as soon as possible, so that we can prepare your room before you arrive. We're committed to helping you feel supported and safe during your time living in halls.

We are here to help

Students with disabilities are given priority for a place in halls wherever available, if they could not otherwise attend the University.

If you have specific accommodation requirements, please contact our disability advisers to discuss your requirements. It is important to give as much information as possible so that the adviser can make the most appropriate recommendations for a room best suited to your needs. You will be asked to provide medical evidence to support your application for an adapted room.

My room in halls had disabled access. The doors in my flat were adapted to automatic doors with push buttons, which was very useful for me as I am a wheelchair user.

The bathroom was a wet-room with a shower chair and handrails beside the toilet. The kitchen was spacious too.

Due to my disability, I was unable to rent privately. Living in halls meant that I could go university and easily access the campus.

The disability and accommodation team have been great. I am thankful to the staff at Clayhill for their support over the years.

Osayuki Igbinoba, Pharmacy student

What is available?

Deaf adapted rooms

You can find rooms for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in Clayhill, Middle Mill and Walkden halls of residence.

Facilities in the deaf adapted rooms include:

  • flashing lights that are triggered by the doorbell and fire alarm.
  • a vibrating pillow that will be triggered by the fire alarm.

We also have mobile equipment that can be transported to any room.

Visually-impaired-adapted rooms

You will find rooms adapted for visually-impaired students in Clayhill and Middle Mill halls of residence.

The rooms are designed to let in as much natural light as possible.

Facilities in the visually-impaired-adapted rooms include:

  • painted light switches and plug sockets to offer high-contrast against the white walls, making them easier to find.

These rooms are on the ground floor to ensure the student feels safe entering and leaving their flat.

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

You will find wheelchair-accessible rooms in Chancellors, Clayhill, Middle Mill and Seething Wells halls of residence. These rooms are designed for wheelchair users, or students with additional mobility needs.

All wheelchair-accessible rooms are on the ground floor and are slightly larger to allow for a wheelchair to be able to move around the flat with ease.

Facilities in the wheelchair-accessible rooms include:

  • an en suite wet-room, with handrails and a shower chair
  • a pull cord in the bedroom in case the student needs additional assistance.

The kitchens in these flats are also designed with a wheelchair user in mind. For example, the sink, oven and microwave are lower than in other rooms.

Additional adaptations

The disability team will assess your needs and arrange any additional adaptations that may need to be made prior to your arrival. This could include a shower chair or hoist, for example.

We'll do our best to complete reasonable adjustments and make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible.

Free accessible intersite bus service

Our six halls of residence are situated at various locations around the Kingston and Surbiton area with on-site halls of residence available on our Kingston Hill, Penrhyn Road and Middle Mill campuses.

The University operates a free accessible bus service that connects all our campuses and halls of residence. The bus even stops in Kingston Town Centre, where the main shopping district is, so crucial pounds can be saved on transport.


Free parking will be available to you across all our halls of residences (except 75 Penrhyn Road).

Live-in support

Service or assistance animals

If you have a service or assistance animal that is registered with the appropriate organisation (e.g. Assistance Dogs UK), you can bring it with you when you move into halls, if the Disability Team agree that the assistance animal is necessary for your day-to-day living.

The appropriate procedure will be followed to ensure you, the animal and the other students/neighbours feel safe and comfortable with the arrangements.

Please note, the UK laws that protect service and assistance dogs do not currently extend to emotional support animals and therefore these animals are not permitted in University halls of residence.

Personal assistants and carers

If you have a condition that requires daily or 24-hour personal care, we can provide a room for your personal carer under the same terms and conditions as other residents (subject to availability).

Personal carers are subject to the terms and conditions of the halls licence agreement. Any incurred damage costs and/or actions resulting from breaches of this licence agreement will apply directly to the personal carer.  

Personal carers are permitted to live on campus only as long as they are providing support to the student, while the student is living on campus. The University requests that personal assistants establish and maintain clear and appropriate professional boundaries with university staff and students.


Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any queries for the accommodation team at Kingston University.