Graduation souvenirs, memorabilia and gifts

To make your graduation day all the more memorable, you may want to order an official Kingston University souvenir.

Your graduation merchandise is supplied by the Union of Kingston Students, and because your students' union is a non-profit organisation, every penny you spend goes back to helping current students.

A black mug with a white Kingston University London logo

Souvenirs and gifts

We have a great range of graduation gifts for you to remember your years at Kingston by, such as:

  • mugs
  • graduation bears
  • pennant flags
  • ties
  • stickers

Visit the Union of Kingston Students' online shop to see the graduation gifts on offer.

Personalised hoodies and t-shirts

You can pre-order personalised ‘Class of 2024' hoodies and t-shirts so you can wear your graduating year and faculty with pride wherever you go.

If you order in advance (the deadline will be published here shortly) you can collect your hoodie and/or t-shirt from the merchandise stall on the day of your graduation ceremony.

Merchandise can also be delivered straight to you.

Student wearing a Kingston University hoodie

Graduation Yearbook suppliers

There are companies who offer graduation yearbooks. Please be aware that none of these are appointed by the University – we do not currently offer this item to graduates. These companies are not supported by the University, so there is no guarantee of quality or that the yearbook will be provided. We strongly recommend you do not pay for any yearbook service. If you do, it is at your own risk.