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Ed Carpenter

Product and furniture designer, founding partner of Very Good & Proper (VG&P)

Fine Art (Sculpture) BA(Hons) 1997

Ed Carpenter (Photo credit: Marius W Hansen)Ed is the designer of the iconic Pigeon Light, a glowing lamp that was created as an alternative London souvenir. He came up with the concept whilst studying at the Royal College of Art. He later went on to produce it with Thorsten Van Elten, whom he met while working at furniture manufacturer and retailer, SCP.

Ed currently works from his studio in East London with designer André Klauser. Under the banner Klauser and Carpenter, he works on a wide range of design-led projects described by Time Out as "clean and functional; urban but with a dollop of humour". Current clients include Established and Sons, Muji, Authentics, Swarovski, elmarflötotto, Modus and Canteen.

"The three years I spent at Kingston were very special. Although I am now a product and furniture designer, my BA at Kingston was in sculpture. It was my time here that formed the creative backbone to my design practice."

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