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Catching up with...Hamadh Abdul Ghanee

Hamadh Abdul Ghanee This month we caught up with aerospace engineering alumnus Hamadh Abdul Ghanee. Graduating in 2013, Hamadh returned to the Maldives where he worked in the private sector as a business consultant, before becoming the Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation for the Maldivian Government.

What have you been up to since graduating?

After graduating I decided to manage a consultancy firm back in the Maldives, mainly focusing on business consultancy expanding to aviation, engineering, brand identity and hospitality. After two years of working in the private sector, I've now been given an opportunity to serve the government of Maldives in the capacity of Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation.

Why did you choose Kingston?

Kingston University had the most attractive programme for aerospace engineering and I believed that the composition of the modules would give me an edge when I ventured in to the industry. Location wise, Kingston was the ideal choice, being 25 minutes from Waterloo meant that central London wasn't too far away and it gave me the opportunity to catch a break and escape from the town during the weekends.

What are your best memories from your student days at Kingston?

The best memories would include the lunch hour at ASDA at Roehampton Vale. We would all catch up and talk about just life in general. I used to love the fact there was a 24-hour gym in Kingston and not to forget the peaceful riverside.

Are you still in touch with anyone from Kingston?

I've actually made some of my best friends in Kingston. We still keep in touch on social media and some of us still converse in a group that we made back when we were studying. They've actually been a great support through the years and we are always planning our next visit to each other.

What's your greatest achievement?

I have achieved many targets I've set in life, as for something significant, I am quite content with the fact that I've been given an opportunity to serve my country. There's a long road ahead and it's a different sort of challenge.

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Make the most of your first year, spend more time in the library and try to explore different places and just have a good time. Social skills are as important when you step in to the working world and it goes a long way to have made friends from different backgrounds.

What advice would you give current students on the Aerospace Engineering programme at Kingston?

One thing that I would like to emphasise on is participation in seminars and workshops related to the aviation field. When you're looking for your first job or trying to get into your chosen masters' programme, it helps you get ahead.

Tell us something no one would guess about you.

I mostly listen to UK rap and grime on a daily basis and always fall asleep watching a news channel on TV.

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