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Cafe Scientifique: Clean fossil fuels – fact or fiction?

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Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue: Woody's, Ram Passage, Kingston
Price: free
Speaker(s): Dr Niall Mac Dowell – Imperial College London

Cafe Scientifique: Clean fossil fuels – fact or fiction?

Pop along to Cafe Scientifique and enjoy the discussion over a drink. You don't need to be involved in science or technology to join us – just have an interest and open mind.

The world's economy is underpinned by the exploitation, distribution and utilisation of fossil fuels in all forms. Without them, there would have been no industrial revolution, there would be no light, no heat, no cars nor planes – or even plastics. However, it is well recognised that the unabated utilisation of fossil fuels is exceptionally dangerous for our environment and for the many species inhabiting it – including humans. Whilst the generation of energy from renewable sources is becoming ever more popular and cost effective, it remains a very small contributor to our overall energy system – fossil fuels are still very much dominant. Moreover, when one considers the background of a growing population, where more and more people are seeking a western lifestyle which comes at the cost of increasing energy use per capita, the challenge which we are facing becomes evident: how to provide more people with more energy in an affordable and environmentally benign way? This is a seemingly paradoxical challenge.

So, how then, do we square the circle? The concept of 'clean fossil fuels' has been hotly debated and is dismissed by some as – at best – an oxymoron or – at worst – a cynical attempt by international energy corporations to green-wash their business model and continue exploiting the earth and polluting the environment in search of ever greater profit. In this talk, we will discuss the history, politics, economics and technology surrounding the concept of clean fossil fuels.

What to expect

A short informal talk to introduce the topic followed by questions, answers and general discussion. The evening is designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in science and technology – and takes place in surroundings where anyone can feel comfortable asking a question.

So, tell your friends, family and anyone else who springs to mind!

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