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Dating violence in adolescence and emerging adulthood

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Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: De Lissa Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus, Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7LB
Price: £20-£45

Dating violence in adolescence and emerging adulthood

Dating violence perpetration and victimisation has increased considerably in recent years, and the potential impact of incidents of violence, in all its forms, on the individual and society generally is a serious public health issue. Adolescence and emerging adulthood are important developmental periods to address this issue, particularly for those who may have experienced violence in their family of origin and are prone to risk-taking behaviours such as drinking, drug use and other anti-social acts. Adolescence and emerging adulthood are particularly important times as they represent a period of change in the nature and importance of relationships with peers and potential dating partners. These are times when individuals may test out what behaviours will and will not be tolerated, and this experience may well impact on judgements and behaviours in later adult relationships, particularly during cohabitation and marriage. Dating violence has clear implications for future intimate partner violence and the possible transmission of violence from one generation to the next.

There is a possibility of dating violence perpetration and victimisation continuing into university life. Studies investigating the prevalence, and gender distribution of IPV in young people, particularly students suggests that there is some degree of violence in the psychological, physical and sexual domains. Generally the prevalence rates for sexual violence are lower than for physical violence and psychological violence, with the latter being the most frequently reported.

In response to concerns with regard to sexual violence perpetration against women on university campuses, Universities UK (UUK) established a Task Force in 2015 to primarily examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime. The Taskforce consisted of university leaders, students and academics.  The Taskforce prioritised sexual violence and harassment particularly as there is no comprehensive data available to indicate the prevalence of this form of violence in UK universities.  The evidence thus far is limited to National Union of Students (NUS) surveys. The evidence garnered from the report suggested that these issues are not isolated to universities alone but are relevant to other education institutions such as schools and further education institutions and wider society.

The conference brings together academics who research in this area, university leaders involved with the Task Force, and student services at Kingston University who will be presenting their strategy for intervention.

Professor Graham Towl will be discussing the Universities UK's recommendations for tackling sexual violence and harassment on campus.  Professor Erica Bowen will be discussing issues with regard to adolescent dating violence.

Other speakers will present on a number of issues, for example issues surrounding consent, risk management and inter-generational transmission of intimate partner violence. 

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