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MA Photography Exhibition:

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Venue: Platform Exhibition Space, Kingston School of Art at Knights Park, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Price: free

MA Photography Exhibition:

This exhibition showcases the work of five very different photographers and filmmakers: Ham Hong, Bebe Kim, Seunghoon Kim, Shivam Thapa and Daniel Silas.

Ham Hong's short film Room 19 (2019), draws on Doris Lessing's collected stories To Room Nineteen (1978), which addresses the historical context of women's rights and their role in a conservative London society of the time. Fast forwarding to contemporary Britain Hong draws on Lessing's use of psychological realism and colour employing her own space as mise en scène to reveal her own contradictory and complex emotions that she feels as an Asian woman living in the UK today. In Light Sensitive (2018) Bebe Kim explores her relationship to mortality inspired by her grandmother who is nearing death. In her photographic installation, the light and fragility of her grandmother's breath and Kim's own loss and longing reflect on the material and transcendental qualities of our inevitable mortality and vulnerability. In Night Shifts (2018--‐19) Shivam Thapa documents his night shifts at a health and beauty retailer in the UK. Frustrated and depressed by long hours and unpaid overtime Thapa releases his anger by painting, cutting and scratching black and white images he has taken of his work environment employing products from the shop such as nail varnish, lipstick, charcoal toothpaste, face washes and masks. In his short film Intake (2019) Seunghoon Kim explores the growing environmental pollution of plastic and the devastating effects on the environment for human beings. Kim ponders the crisis and anxiety around ingestion and the harmful effects of microplastics through re--‐appropriated archival material and a staged dinner scene. Daniel Silas photographic installation 57 Fracking Melons (2018--‐19) documents the anti--‐fracking resistance in Lancashire after a controversial overturn by the government of the Lancashire County Council's rejection of fracking in the area. In 2018 October 2018 Cuadrilla Resources started drilling at Preston New Road and have caused a total of 57 earth tremors which were registered by the British Geological Survey with the highest on the 11th December 2018 of 1.5 magnitudes on the Richter scale. Cuadrilla Resources dismissed the tremor as being dangerous by comparing it to having the same impact as "dropping a melon".

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Directions to Platform Exhibition Space, Kingston School of Art at Knights Park, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ: