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Surviving the COVID–19 crisis by optimising your customer experience through Agile and Digital Transformation

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Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Price: free

Surviving the COVID–19 crisis by optimising your customer experience through Agile and Digital Transformation

COVID-19 is a major disruptor, severely impacting customer purchasing behaviour changes, necessitating the need for organisations to radically adapt to the new environment. Business processes in most SMEs are not suitably geared to react rapidly to such major disruptions. Therefore, a need exists to support organisations to reshape and adapt themselves using appropriate tools and practices. Customer experience is not simply the domain of marketing, it spans across the whole enterprise, with every function potentially affecting customer-centricity. Therefore, in order to succeed in the "new normal" environment, one needs a multidisciplinary systems approach within their organisation focussing particularly on operations (efficient product/service delivery), human resources (hiring and developing motivated and well-trained staff), and finance (appropriate billing and financial terms). Digital transformation offers your Organisation an optimal solution to address and resolve many of these disruptive issues. Especially when complemented with AGILE practices in evaluating and organising your work as well as decision-making processes. Business AGILITY Processes provide powerful and practical ways of navigating in these difficult times. This event will consider the ways of harnessing digital transformation and AGILE practices to help your SMEs weather the current COVID storm and thrive long after the threat has passed.

Adam Raman is a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University in South West London in the UK where he lectures marketing and strategy modules on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He currently holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Kent, an MBA from Warwick Business School as well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. His current research interests lie in the area of Strategic Sense-making involving applying network theory to sustainability innovation as well Digital Marketing strategy development within B2B and B2C organisations. Prior to joining academia Adam spent 15 years in industry working on numerous national, regional and international marketing and strategy assignments mainly within the Pharmaceutical Industry. View his LinkedIn profile here.

Dr Kovela is a scholar and practitioner with expertise in a broad range of fields including Business Agility, Business IT, Project Management and Facilitation. Through his work, he helps students and organisations to achieve a better understanding of how value and positive organisational change can be realised through the efficient use of information technology and adaptive delivery of projects and products. View his LinkedIn profile here.

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