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Developing Minds: virtual networking event

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Time: 4.00pm - 6.15pm
Price: free

Developing Minds: virtual networking event

Networking is an important aspect of developing working relationships and helps to improve professional standards through shared knowledge. At Kingston University we also find it valuable to look into the professional world and try to understand the impact of our research, but more importantly the areas where we need to develop. Networking with professionals who work with children and young people is the best way for us to envisage how our research could also help inform your daily professional work. Yet in busy scheduled days we often find that setting time aside to reach out and build professional relationships is difficult. By hosting this networking event, we will communicate to you current research in the field of developmental psychology from our own and other academic institutions. It will give you the opportunity to meet, establish, or re-establish professional relationships in an evening where you get to think about the development of young people and how that may be important in your professional setting.

If you have not heard about us before, the Developing Minds Lab (in the Department of Psychology) was created to unite a team of scientists at Kingston University whose research is conducted within Developmental Psychology. We carry out research in typical and atypical development across the life-span. Our expertise covers areas such as autism, social cognition, and cognitive development.

The networking event will bring together people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. The evening will consist of a Keynote lecture from Dr Alice Jones of Goldsmiths University who will discuss her research about school experience, focussing on socio-emotional aspects of learning and those who are at risk of academic exclusion. Following this there will be a panel discussion where we will continue this topic of discussion and take questions based on issues raised in the talk and/or other issues pertinent to your profession. This will be followed by a networking activity where we will get a chance to speak to each other about who we and what we do. Finally, there will be research posters presented by the Developing Minds Lab.

Provisional schedule

5.00 Introduction, Dr Elisa Back (Kingston University London)

5.10 Keynote lecture, Dr Alice Jones (Goldsmiths University)

5.40 Panel discussion, Professor Muthanna Samara (Kingston University London)

and Dr Paty Paliokosta (School of Education, Kingston University London)

6.10 Networking activity, Dr Birsu Kandemirci (Kingston University London)

6.40 Research posters

7.10 Plenary session

7.15 Close

Booking is essential to attend this event.

For further information about this event:

Contact: Dr Elisa Back