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Coronavirus a global journey: and hopefully back again!

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Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Price: free
Speaker(s): Professor Mark Fielder

Coronavirus a global journey: and hopefully back again!

Over the past year we have seen an unprecedented change in our way of life, our way of interacting and our ways of working.

This has all been as a result of emergence of a novel viral agent that has started to infect humans, this started in one part of the world and has now become a pandemic that world is dealing with. This has bought science to the forefront, science is being looked at to provide explanations, reassurance and provide solution to what we are going through today.

In this talk this will be examined in some depth, how and why did the disease emerge, how can we bring the pandemic to an end and how did science and the practices therein become mainstream events in our lives and how science is beginning to offer routes to end the pandemic.

This presentation will be given by Professor Mark Fielder from the School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University.

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