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World Mental Health Day 2021: Protecting our mental health during challenging times

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Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pm
Price: free

World Mental Health Day 2021: Protecting our mental health during challenging times

Join us for a series of lightning talks by expert speakers, which will connect our viewers with several charities which support children and adult mental health.

We will hear from experts talking about the importance of exercise on mental health and 'feeling great', nutritional secrets for wellness, sharing poem on values, as well as sharing how simple lifestyle practices such as positive affirmation and meditation can help overall wellbeing.

All are welcome to this fascinating event which will be hosted on Facebook and YouTube.

Programme Overview

2:00-2:10pm: Welcome message for WMHD & meditation experience – Dr Nora Vyas

Host: Nora Vyas

2:10-2:15: Message for WMHD day – Dr Sabira Mannan, Head of Department, Psychology, Kingston University

2:15-2:30: Brief introduction to coping with stress and anxiety – Dr Somayyeh Mohammadi, Lecturer in Psychology

2:30-2:40: Mind in Kingston – Persephone Pickering, Outreach and Engagement Officer

2:40-2:50: Not Rare - Not Just Another Number – Corine Bateman, TTC Champion, Mind in Kingston

2:50-3:05: Overview of Childline online services – Cormac Nolan, Service Head, Childline Online Service

3:05-3:25: The role of nutrition in wellbeing – Dr Hilda Mulrooney, Associate Professor

3:25-3:45: Exercise for stronger brain and mind – Dr Stone Hseih, Lecturer in Biological Psychology

Host: Saxon Worboys (President of Psychology Society) and Vaiva Roscinaite (Secretary)

3:45-4:05: Sharing a poem on values and announcing new book release "As Long As You're Breathing" – Cristina Firtala

4:05-4:25: Want to be in a better mood? –  Prof Andy Lane, Associate Dean and Director of Research Excellence, University of Wolverhampton

Host: Nora Vyas

4:25-4:50: Simple lifestyle practices to be mentally and emotionally healthy – Ash Patel

4:50-5:00: Final remarks, thanks to speakers and HOE – Dr Nora Vyas

For further information about this event:

Contact: Dr Nora Vyas