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MA Photography Exhibition 2022 - Amentalio

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Venue: Platform Gallery, Kingston School of Art at Knights Park, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Price: free

MA Photography Exhibition 2022 - Amentalio

Open everyday 11:00-17:00

Amentalio presents five artists from around the world working across the still and the moving image from Kingston School of Art's MA Photography Course.

Exhibiting artists: Oliwia Maria Koczorowska/ Mingrui Lyu /Dan Pangbourne / Jack Vine/ Erla Ziskasen

Oliwia Maria Koczorowska ongoing series of self-portraits explore the psyche of a young woman growing up in our image-obsessed culture. On The Edge was created in Iceland's subarctic sparsely populated landscape. "Iceland was the perfect location for me to spend my days, completely isolated, walking through the lava fields, glaciers and black beaches, rock climbing Reynisfjara and chasing golden light. I don't feel lonely when I'm alone." In Seascape: After Sugimoto Mingrui Lyu reflects on changes to the sea from the perspective of time and space and impact of environmental pollution. Inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto's Seascapes (1980 -ongoing) where he focuses on the constancy of the sea, Lyu, in contrast, thinks of the sea as constantly changing through its movement and elemental composition impacted by human activity and climate change. Employing analogue photographic film Lyu immerses exposed photographic film in solutions of seawater to achieve unexpected results. In Persona Projection Dan Pangbourne draws on digital, analogue and handmade processes to explore objects, surfaces and places in a deeply personal body of work related to family memory. Working across the still and the moving image he investigates psychological penumbra's where elements of temporality and place are distilled into concentrations of abstracted form to deconstruct and disrupt representation. In Hireth Jack Vine explores his relationship with his home in Cornwall after an extended period away due to covid-19 lockdowns. In 2021 his mother fell ill with breast cancer, and his grandfather's dementia progressed rapidly with him passing away in the autumn of 2021. These events greatly impacted and changed family dynamics. When he was finally able to return home Vine's environment felt irrevocably changed. In Recollections, Faroese artist Erla Rajani Ziskasen explores her grandfather's life through testimony and archival material. Gordhan Rajani migrated from his home country of India in 1947 after the partition of India to the remote Faroe Islands via London where he trained as a doctor. Gordhan's life is portrayed through his increasingly fragile memory and is filled with stories of displacement, hardship and discrimination, and family, community and love.

MA Photography at Kingston School of Art encourages dialogue, dynamic enquiry and reflection on the social, technological, political and familial through the potential of the photographic

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Directions to Platform Gallery, Kingston School of Art at Knights Park, Grange Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ: