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The KU Big Read: Music - Week 1

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Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm
Price: free
Speaker(s): Dr Cynthia Stephens-Himonides, Will Brooker

The KU Big Read: Music - Week 1

Please join us online for a fascinating talk about the power of 'Music' within The Gravity of Us as well as our own lives.

This book has a strong background soundtrack. Music is a continuous theme – perhaps because the author himself is a musician. For the main character it's a support system, and books get used as both first dates and peace offerings. There's also interesting consideration of how to store music and the best formats for sharing.

The event will feature Dr. Cynthia Stephens-Himonides (senior lecturer in Music at Kingston) and Will Brooker (professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston). Both speakers will talk about the impact music had on them growing up and how it promotes positive mental health. You'll be welcome to share music that influenced you throughout your life.

Booking is essential to attend this event.

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Contact: Clara Ferreyra