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Psychology Colloquia Series: Dr Joanne Bower

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Time: 12.00pm - 1.00pm
Price: free
Speaker(s): Dr Joanne Bower, University of East Anglia

Psychology Colloquia Series: Dr Joanne Bower

This event will be held online.

All are welcome to the Psychology Colloquia, where distinguished guest speakers present talks encompassing a diverse array of topics within the field of Psychology and beyond.


This week's speaker is Dr Joanne Bower. Jo is a lecturer at the University of East Anglia, and co-director of the Sleep and Insomnia Network of East Anglia (SINEA). Her research examines the associations between sleep and emotional responding, and how these may contribute to the development and maintenance of mental health symptoms.

Jo's interest in sleep was ignited when she worked in clinical trials of sleep-related drugs at University of Surrey), examining their effects on next-day functioning. Her PhD (2016) investigated the measurement and individual differences relating to regulation of positive emotions. She combined her interests in sleep and emotion during her post-doctoral research at University of Houston, where she investigated the effects of extreme environments on sleep and wellbeing.

Currently, Jo is also focused on raising public awareness relating to the importance of sleep and how prioritising good sleep can benefit our wellbeing. 


Sleep loss and its effects on emotional wellbeing: What we've learnt from synthesising over 50 years of research

Sleep and emotions share intricate and complex relationships, with both being essential to healthy functioning. The effects of sleep loss on our emotions, whilst perhaps intuitive, remain poorly understood. Recent reviews highlight inconsistent effects of poor sleep on subjective emotional outcomes, likely resulting from the large variety of methods used and emotions investigated. In this talk I will discuss our recent meta-analysis of sleep and emotional responding, which analysed multiple types of sleep loss (full deprivation, partial restriction, fragmentation) and emotional outcomes (positive mood, negative mood, general mood, anxiety, depression, reactivity [valence, arousal]). I will also reflect on some of the methodological challenges of conducting sleep and emotion related research and next steps for the field.   

This event will be held online.

The series is organised by Dr. Simona Cantarella ( and Dr. Goffredina Spano ( from the Psychology Department. If you would like more information about the event, please feel free to email either of them. 

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