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Practice Assessor (and Practice Supervisor) Workshop and ePAD Training


Price: free

Practice Assessor (and Practice Supervisor) Workshop and ePAD Training
Please register (for this session) using your organisational/professional email address. You will need to use this login to carry out activities during the session.

Please only book one session at a time, as this allows us to reach as many individuals (and partaking organisations) as possible.

Please also note these workshops are intended for employees of Kingston University partners only.


Friday, 22 March

Tuesday, 7 May

Friday, 21 June

Friday, 26 July

(More days to be confirmed)

The workshop consists of three elements and staff can choose which element/s they need to attend:
9.00-11.00 - Overview of NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) and the roles and responsibilities of Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors
At the end of the morning session there will be an opportunity to take a screenshot to evidence your attendance if required.

This is the first part of the full day workshop for new Practice Assessors. This element can also be used as an update for existing Practice Assessors and Supervisors.

Here is the link for all mandatory re-requisite e-learning - This will supplement all elements as per the PAN London requirements.

11.30-13.00 - ePAD Training (electronic Practice Assessment Document)
All BSc and MSc Nursing students use the electronic Practice Assessment Document (ePAD). This offers the chance to familiarise yourself with the system and assessments within it during this session.

13.30-17.00 - New Practice Assessor Training
This session will continue on from the morning workshops and will provide an opportunity for Registered Nurses with no previous mentorship/assessor qualification to become certified Practice Assessors. It is required that you will have worked as a Practice Supervisor already before undertaking the Practice Assessor role. It is vital that you check your eligibility to be a Practice Assessor with your employer/lead educator and ensure they support your attendance/training.

The entire days' attendance is required (even if it's not all completed at once) to earn the certification; and relevant e-Learning detailed in the event page must be completed before any of the session starts.

At the end of the day there will be an opportunity to take a screenshot to evidence your attendance if required. This will act as your certificate of attendance to the face-to-face element. You must then present yourself to your lead/educator lead in order to be supported in the new role.

Please register (for this session) using your organisation/professional email address. Bookings made from personal email addresses or from staff not supporting Kingston University students will be cancelled (if in doubt, please speak to your education lead, as above, to see whether you are eligible).

The sessions will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams, invitations being sent once your booking is confirmed.
The workshop is free, but late cancellations or non-attendance may incur a fee and your organisation will be informed.

Booking is essential to attend this event.

For further information about this event:

Contact: Jessica Inch