Employment Law and Policy Research Group

Employment law is recognised as one of the most dynamic areas of law. Employment policy is subject to rapid change and development in an era of global competition.

The Employment Law and Policy Research Group (GELP) aims to provide a focus for discussion and dissemination of legal policy and developments in this global environment, by exploring current topics with leading academics and policy bodies. It has links with a number of research groups in the UK and Europe and also works with trade unions and government bodies.

The group undertakes socio legal research in all aspects of employment and labour law. It also acts as a focal point for research students with an interest in employment law.


GELP hosts annual conferences on topical aspects of employment and labour law. The conferences are held in early May and take place at the Business School at the Kingston Hill Campus of the University. These conferences focus particularly on the changing political and economic environment in which systems of labour law operate, examining the impact of changes in the global economy on labour structures and governance.  Papers, especially those with a comparative and international dimension, are invited on all aspects of labour law.

The conferences act as a focal point for a number of international collaborations, including labour law networks in Spain, Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

Recent conferences

  • Workers in the Modern Economy-Aspects of Flexibility (2018)
  • Outlook for Labour Law (2016)
  • Transitions in Labour law (2015)
  • Future of Labour Law (2014)
  • Crisis in Labour Law (May 2012)
  • Contemporary Issues in Labour Law (2011)
  • Prospects for Labour Law (2010)

Research interests

Professor of Labour Law Michael Wynn has written extensively on aspects of the employment relationship. His particular interests are in the contract of employment and flexible labour markets, the gig economy, temporary agency working and collective bargaining. Recent projects include:

  • Digital Labour and the Modern Worker
  • Social Security and Self Employment in the Modern Economy
  • The European Social Pillar
  • Worker Vulnerability in the Maritime Labour Sector

Selected publications

  • Wynn M and Paz-Fuchs A. (2018) Flexicurity outside the employment relationship? Re-engineering Social Security for the New Economy, in eds. Westerveld,M and Olivier, M, Social Security outside the Realm of the Labour Contract, to be published (Edward Elgar).  
  • Wynn, M. (2016) 'Chameleons at large: Entrepreneurs, employees and firms - the changing context of employment relationships', Journal of Management & Organization, 22(6), pp. 826-842 .ISSN: 1833-3672 (print); 1839-3527 (online). doi: 10.1017/jmo.2016.40.
  • Wynn, M. (2015) 'Feudal Societies and Hobbit law: The story of "The Hobbit amendment" ' Small Enterprise Research, 1-15, ISSN: 1321-5906
  • Wynn, M. (2015) 'Vulnerability of Seafarers: Rules and Problems in the British and Irish Systems -Labour Rights or Commercial Necessity?' (pp 343-377)  In eds., Cabeza Pereiro, J. and Rodriguez Rodriguez, E, New Maritime Legal Scenarios ( El Trabajo en el mar: los nuevos escenarios juridico-maritimos) Bomarzo, Albacete, Spain.  ISBN: 978-84-16608-05-8.
  • Wynn, M. (2014) 'Power Politics and Precariousness - The Regulation of Temporary Agency Work in the European Union' (pp 48-69) in Fudge J. and Strauss, K., (eds.), Temporary Work, Agencies and Unfree Labour: Insecurity in the New World of Work' (Routledge, New York and London).  ISBN: 978-0-415-53650-9.
  • Lambropoulos, V & Wynn, M. (2013) 'Unfair Labour Practices, Trade Union Victimisation and Voice: A comparison of Australia and the United Kingdom'   34 Adelaide Law Review, 43-64 (ISSN 0065-1915).
  • M Wynn (2011) 'Classifying Employment Relationships - More Sliding Doors or a Better Regulatory Framework?' with P Leighton 40 Industrial Law Journal 5-44 (ISSN 0305-9332)
  • M Wynn (2009) 'Agency Workers, Employment Rights and the Ebb and Flow of Freedom of Contract' with P Leighton 72(1) Modern Law Review 91-102 (ISSN 0026-7961)

Contact us

Professor Michael Wynn
Professor of Labour Law, Department of Law
Email: M.Wynn@kingston.ac.uk

Professor Gwyneth Pitt
Emeritus Professor
Email: G.Pitt@kingston.ac.uk