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Message from the Vice-Chancellor

A legacy is a special and lasting way to support Kingston University. It is the sign of an exceptional relationship which recognises the part Kingston has played in your life and the role you can play in its future.

A decision to remember Kingston University in a legacy can make so much possible. Through bursaries and scholarships, a gift in your will can give opportunities to generations of future students to study at Kingston, whatever their background or financial circumstances. You could help with new resources and facilities, support which will be essential for the quality of our teaching in years to come or you could fund projects that innovate and drive industry forward. Alternatively, you could give my successors in the post of Vice-Chancellor the opportunity to direct vital funds towards projects wherever the need is greatest at the time.

Vice Chancellor of Kingston University, Professor Steven SpierPast legacies have helped me to support young people leaving care to attend university and to establish an acclaimed entrepreneurship programme across the University. As a result of alumni generosity and these programmes, hundreds of young people have achieved their potential. I would like my successors to be able to rely on the bequests made today for the benefit of future students and future challenges.

I hope these web pages will be useful to you and will help you make a very special and personal decision. Whatever the amount, I assure you that we appreciate every gift that will help future generations of students and future discovery and achievement at our university.

With heartfelt thanks,

Professor Steven Spier
Vice-Chancellor, Kingston University

Our promise to you

We will always respect your privacy.

  • Leaving a legacy is a big decision. We understand you will decide in your own time.
  • We would be grateful if you told us your intentions, but we don't expect you to give us specific details of your bequest.

We will respect your priorities.

  • Your family comes first.
  • We respect your support of other causes.

We will respect your wishes.

  • If you want to direct your gift to an area of our work that is of special interest or importance to you, please contact us to discuss your ideas so that we can ensure that your wishes can be carried out.

We will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

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