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Kingston Business School collaborates with range of partners on two new EU-funded projects

Posted Friday 3 February 2017

Kingston Business School collaborates with range of partners on two new EU-funded projects

Kingston University Business School, along with a number of partners is currently involved in two projects funded by Erasmus+, an EU programme which works to strengthen education, training, youth and sport in Europe. 

​KidVenture is a consortium of six partners across Europe led by Associate Professor, Vladlena Benson. The project aims to increase the digital entrepreneurial culture and improve entrepreneurship education for children aged 6-10 years with gamification.

Dr Benson said, "Despite long standing campaigns from Government, education and industry there remains a distinct gender gap in digital competencies (only 16 per cent of girls will go on to a degree in digital technology), the low representation of female technologists and entrepreneurs in the digital economy persists throughout education and into workforce. KidVenture aims to raising awareness of career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the digital economy among female and male students at the European level."


Project IN2IT aims to develop international cooperation among Higher Education Institutions in the field of research and didactics.

Expanding globalization has resulted in internationalisation in higher education institutions, meaning universities and colleges have become effective providers of increasingly important global citizenship competencies to students.

Past projects aimed at enhancing the outcomes of internationalisation within higher education have resulted in the formation of strategies that put internationalisation and its benefits into practice.

The goal of IN2IT is to build on these strategies by developing an innovative technological infrastructure with higher education institution partners from Europe and Israel. This will in turn help to strengthen capacities for teaching, learning, research and training at the partner institutions.

To achieve this goal, Kingston University and its partners will be working towards various objectives, including:

  • Developing curriculum for international academic programs by preparing online, virtual teaching materials and training academic staff within the partner higher education institutions for effective teaching practices
  • Encouraging and enabling the sharing of knowledge and research opportunities by developing international professional communities of practice
  • Providing more opportunities for student training and employment experience within the global economy by making use of the academy-industry relationships between Kingston University and its partner higher education institutions

The outcome of this project will be collaboration between Israeli colleges, which have strong entrepreneurial and technological competencies and EU universities, which have extensive international experience. The collaboration will create a progressive, state of the art and sustainable technological platform which will support the project's objectives.

For more information, please visit the IN2IT website.