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Work with our students and graduates

Our students and graduates have enthusiasm, energy and creative thinking to share with your business, helping it to innovate and grow, whilst you provide valuable work experience.

Our supportive and inclusive community is one of our greatest strengths. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds so can offer a fresh outlook as well as cutting-edge skills and expertise.

Recruit students and graduates

Employability is at the core of all our courses – our students and graduates are work-ready with the skills and expertise to enhance your business.

Find out how we can help you recruit students or graduates (to full and part-time positions, internships and placements) by visiting careers and employability.

Offer placements and internships

Kingston University runs multiple placement and internship programmes. If you need extra resource or skills within your business or organisation this is a great opportunity to recruit new talent for a set period of time.

Student placements and internships are required in businesses and organisations of all sizes, throughout the private, public and voluntary sectors at different points in the year.

Please contact:

Student consultancy projects

Bring new insight into your business whilst giving both our undergraduate and postgraduate students real 'hands on' experience. There are various programmes available across the University:

Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons is a student consultancy programme designed to support small businesses on a range of solutions-focused projects. Its aim is to provide companies with research, insights and recommendations that will support everyday operation or assist growth, whilst providing students with valuable work experience.

Kingston Business School Student Consultancy Projects

Kingston Business School runs a variety of student consultancy projects for businesses to get involved in, ranging from projects that focus on your business issues to short assignments that share best practice/current thinking on a given topic.

Studio KT1

Studio KT1 is the University's new creative agency offering businesses an opportunity for students to work on their commercial briefs. The innovative way students approach ideas and problems is something the best advertising agency or service design company cannot replicate. Students gain real-world experience and get paid for their work alongside their studies.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

KTPs enable businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance. By forming a three-way partnership between your business, the university and a talented graduate, they enable you to access specialist skills and expertise to help your business develop. The programme is part-funded by the Government, so provides a cost-effective solution to add value to your business.

Find out more by visiting Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Student support and graduate entrepreneurship

Kingston University is home to the most enterprising graduates in the UK! Find out more about entrepreneurship and how your business could get involved.

Our graduates have an unrivalled reputation for starting their own businesses. Kingston has been consistently rated as the most successful UK University for graduate start-up companies (HE-BCI survey 2016/17) and we help our students to develop an enterprising approach to their future careers.

Mentor our students

Join the Beyond Barriers Mentoring Scheme and share your business knowledge and experience, and help encourage a Kingston University student achieve their potential. The scheme will broaden your own skills and judgement whilst also giving our students the skills and confidence needed to succeed in work.

Visit Beyond Barriers Mentoring Scheme to find out more.