Student Internships

Graduate Internships summer programme 2020

In response to the impact that Covid-19 is continuing to have on employers of all sizes, in June Kingston University announced funded support through our Graduate Internships summer programme.

Businesses applied for funding to cover the costs of employing a team of graduates to work on a clearly defined project for six to eight weeks (part-time). Funding was available to charities, social enterprises, SMEs and local authorities to cover the full costs of graduates' salaries for the duration of the project.

Our consultancy model provided access to a wide range of skills and insight, working with a group of talented Kingston University graduates to work collaboratively on a project brief to provide immediate support to organisations giving access to a wide range of skills from digital marketing to business development.

The programme provided employers with access to:

  • An individual or multidisciplinary team of Kingston University graduates who worked together to provide insight and solutions to an agreed project brief;
  • A business advisor, who guided the development of the project brief and provided training in use of the online platform;
  • A graduate development coach, who provided training and development support for the graduates alongside the project.

This scheme ran up to the end of Summer 2020 and is now closed. Please look out for any new schemes.

Please contact Careers and Employability at if you have any questions regarding internships.

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