Mr Alberto Padilla Rosa

Research project: Development of detector for the characterisation of liquids


Liquid Identification and characterisation.

Electromagnetic radiation has been widely used in laboratories for the characterization of substances. For instance UV has been applied in recent studies by Worsfold and Zagatto; IR by Käppler et al., NMR or radio waves by Malz and Jancke. Among the techniques commonly used for characterization purposes, there is very limited application of waves with low frequency. In contrast, in other fields of study such type of waves are more widely used such as in seabead exploration and health applications . The research in this Masters aims to contribute to the development of a novel technique for the identification and quantification of substances in liquids based on the differential effect of properties of the liquid on acoustic waves travelling through the liquid.

  • Research degree: MSc by Research
  • Title of project: Development of detector for the characterisation of liquids
  • Research supervisor: Dr Rosa Busquets
  • Other research supervisor: Professor Andy Augousti


Alberto Padilla Rosa, 29

I have gradauted from Kingston University in 2019, BSc Chemistry, and I have previously been awarded from other Chemistry courses back in my original country, Spain.

Currently working on the pharmaceutical industry, testing finished products.

Areas of research interest

  • Analytical Sciences (Chemistry)
  • UV-Visible; Correlation between signal and concentration, Beer-Lambert Law
  • Novel chromatographic techniques
  • Absorption - Emission
  • Drop analyzer
  • Ultrasonic electromagnetic signal
  • Physicals forces related with a water drop: Surface tensions
  • Particle size - Shape - Distribution
  • Adsorption
  • Research related with Quantitative and Qualitative investigation


  • BSc in Chemistry, Kingston University
  • Certificate of a Higher Education in Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control, IES Terrassa
  • Bachelors in Science, IES Terrassa