Miss Ana Pavlovic

Research project: Prestress losses of pretensioned BFRP reinforced concrete beams


The most economically competitive composite materials for internal reinforcement are glass FRP (GFRP) and basalt FRP (BFRP). Their main limitation for flexural elements is the higher deformability in comparison with steel, due to relatively low Young modulus. Corresponding RC structural elements experience significant deflections at stages of loading well below the ultimate strength of the materials. This forces the designers to use design procedures where the governing limit state is serviceability, which results in inclusion of significant amount of reinforcement to mitigate the deflections.

Much more effective and economical approach is prestressing of the reinforcement. Previous research in this area indicates that the prestressing of FRP reinforcement could be a viable way for utilising their high strength and to achieve reduced deformability of flexural RC elements without the use of excessive amount of reinforcement.

For further effective use of this approach the detailed information about long-term behaviour of FRP reinforcing bars and related reduction of initially generated stresses with the time, i.e. losses of prestress, need further investigation. Hence, this research project aims to investigate the long-term behaviour of pretensioned BFRP reinforced beams, focusing on both short and long-term losses. The goal is to obtain information about the range of prestress losses, through experimental research complemented by finite element modelling (FEM).


Graduated from Faculty of Civil Engineering Belgrade in 2014 as top of class, with an award for best dissertation and an award for best student of the generation. Awarded MSc degree from Kingston University London (Structural Design and Construction Management with Sustainability) with distinction and an MSc degree from Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Belgrade (Management, Technology and Informatics in Civil Engineering) in 2015/2016.

Currently completing the final stages of a PhD in the area of prestressing using FRP materials, for which a Kingston University PhD Studentship, NVIDIA Academic Grant and Scholarship from Ministry of Education of Serbia have been awarded. Project is also supported by Magmatech Ltd. UK.

In parallel, working as a Research Engineer for BSRIA Ltd., leading MASTRO, a Horizon 2020 EU funded international research project in the area of intelligent bulk materials for transport industries. 

Areas of research interest

  • Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) for structural applications
  • BFRP as internal reinforcement
  • Prestressed FRP reinforced concrete structures
  • FEA of concrete structural elements
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • Strengthening systems (EB and NSM) using FRP


  • MSc Management, Technology and Informatics in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • MSc Structural Engineering and Construction Management with Sustainability, Kingston University London
  • Civil Engineering (BSc C.E.)
  • Associate Fellowship of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston University Full PhD Studentship
  • NVIDIA Academic Grant
  • 22nd IStructE Young Researchers Conference - 2nd award for Oral Presentation
  • Fund for Young Talents, Ministry of Education Republic of Serbia - Scholarship