Mr Aqib Mirza

Research project: Therapeutic Gaming for Autistic Individuals


The proposal below details and outlines the scope of this MSc by Research project. It also provides a brief rationale and explanation of the subject and the aims of the research methodology. This is done while discussing the approach to the research and presentation of the timescale to achieve the project plan, as stated in the relevant section. This project aims to enable autistic individuals aged six to eleven years old to enjoy therapeutic serious games in a way that will empower them to progress their social skills in multiple types of environments. The serious gaming framework will be designed and a proof-of-concept gaming solution will be developed using a game engine and specific programming constructs, with a long-term aim to facilitate the decision-making procedure in the context of autism. Given that autism affects individuals in a multitude of ways, influencing how they manage interactions with others will be the primary focus of the serious gaming framework

  • Research degree: MSc by Research
  • Title of project: Therapeutic Gaming for Autistic Individuals
  • Research supervisor: Dr Jarek Francik
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Andreas Hoppe


Tech-savvy and analytical professional with more than three years of experience at Kingston University. I have successfully participated in several IT projects and completed all tasks on time and according to end-user requirements. Moreover, I have experience with numerous university systems and delivering projects on time and in an efficient manner.

Areas of research interest

  • E-Health
  • Health Informatics


  • BSc in Computer Science (Network Communications)
  • HND in Computing and Systems Development
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT

Funding or awards received

  • Sponsored by Ubitech Ltd