Ms Bettina Gárdász

Research project: Digital Technologies to Support Innovation


The rapid changes in the dynamic business environment, market trends and the growing environmental uncertainty, drives companies to increasingly invest in new innovation strategies in order to maintain or gain competitive advantages over their rivals. As a result, businesses are showing a rising interest in implementing Digital Technologies in their Innovation Process.

My Ph.D. Project could significantly contribute to the field by the following: firstly, to extend knowledge on how to integrate Digital Technologies in Innovation Management. Furthermore, the study aims to develop a framework which can be used by organisations to develop (future) inventions.


I am a Ph.D. Researcher and HPL in the Department of Strategy, Marketing & Innovation at Kingston University London.

I am also a Research Associate at the KBS Research Hub, which specialises in research on strategic foresight that addresses techniques that public decision-makers can use for supporting innovation. As a Ph.D Student, I am keen to contribute to new knowledge in the field of corporate foresight and innovation management. Currently, I'm studying Digital Technologies within the innovation management context.

Areas of research interest

  • Digital Technologies
  • Technological Innovation
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Storytelling and Science-fiction Narratives


  • MRes - Master of Research, Kingston University London
  • MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Kingston University London
  • BSc in Business Management with Entrepreneurship Business Experience, Kingston University London
  • Prince2 Foundation

Funding or awards received

  • Faculty of Business and Social Sciences Studentship


Kottasz, R., Bennett, R., Vijaygopal, R., and Gardasz, B. (2021). Driverless futures: current non-drivers' willingness to travel in driverless vehicles. Journal of Marketing Management, 1–34.